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Employee Assistance

Jon Boakes Associates works closely with a number of Occupational Health Departments. We provide bespoke packages of psychological services tailored to your organisation's needs.

The level of stress and associated mental health problems experienced by individuals in the workplace is well known. The Health Safety Executive (HSE) identified stress, anxiety and depression as one of the most commonly reported types of work related illness. An average of 31 annual working days, are lost for individuals with such conditions (HSE 2006). Clearly, stress and associated mental health problems can represent a significant cost to the organisation. Stress from work and home can also impact upon roles and relationships in the workplace and negatively impact on the work team's task and productivity, reducing overall organisational effectiveness and profits.

Whatever the size of you organisation, we would be happy to meet with you to consider how we could potentially enhance your organisation. We can provide:

  • Face to face psychological assessment and therapy

  • Flexible contractual referral arrangements: referral on a case by case or access for all employees

  • Time-limited evidence-based treatments

  • Accessible and flexible hours of availability

  • Evaluation and feedback of treatment outcomes

  • Treatments provided by professionally qualified psychologists and therapists

  • Provision of 'on site' or 'offsite' services

  • Cost effective service compared with other EAP providers

  • Provision of training and other services


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