Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services / Medico-Legal Reports

We are experienced in providing expert evidence in Criminal and Civil proceedings.

Personal Injury

We provide psychological assessment of individuals who have experienced: being a victim of crime; occupational injury; medical accidents; road traffic and other transport accidents.

Events involving even minor physical injuries may result in significant psychological harm. A psychological report can be helpful in assessing:

  • Phobias and specific anxieties (e.g. travel anxiety following a road traffic accident)
  • Depression and changes in mood
  • The psychological effects of chronic pain
  • The psychological effects of disfigurement or injury
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Effects of substance misuse
  • Social, psychological and emotional losses
  • Malingering

We have considerable experience providing evidenced based treatments for individuals suffering trauma and psychological harm.

Psychological Functioning

  • Psychological assessment of mental health problems
  • Psychological effects of abuse
  • Psychological assessment of intellectual functioning, level of mental impairment (learning disability)


  • Violence risk assessment
  • Assessment and treatment of aggression and violence, including mitigating factors
  • Assessment and treatment of self harm

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